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About OMT 

OMT LLC, mission is to bring low cost, high quality, pre-packaged sterile products to Hospitals, which provide the latest technology, innovation and design while improving surgical time, efficiency and safety of patient care in the Operating Room.

The president and founder of OMT LLC, Monique Traad MS BME is a biomedical engineer graduated from the University of Miami. She is also the president and founder of Traatek Inc. “A human technology organization” that provides, since 1990, a wide range of services to the biomedical and neurosurgical industry.

From Latin arte factus, which mas “made with art” represents the philosophy
under which we think and create all or OMT products, which are created inspired
with the sole purpose of providing the best surgical experience.

Neuro Patties

They are surgical compresses, absorbent; indicated for the control of hemorrhages and / or protection of delicate tissues and structures during surgery. As well as, for the absorption and drying of body fluids that limit the vision of the surgical field during surgical procedures.

The Federal Law [EE. UU.] Restricts the sale of this device by order of a physician; They have a non-memory thread for easy identification / counting, because it is extremely flexible, fits the anatomical site and is perfect for tissue protection while aspirating fluids.

Our Neuro Patties have an absorption rate of 4-7 times their weight [depending on the thickness]. They offer optimal viewing under the microscope. They come in 45 different shapes and 3 different thicknesses [0.35 mm; 0.45 mm and 1.40 mm]. One of the most important features is that they have a lifespan of 5 years.



Series of Neuro Patties characterized by its thin diameter (0.35mm) that conforms to physiological structures and a horizontal radiopaque line.


  • It provides maximum absorbency in a compact, lint-free and unique form.
  • They are made of 100% premium quality rayon with a 14 “long silk cord for easy retrieval.
  • These compresses absorb blood and fluids during surgical procedures, protect delicate tissue from injury and are excellent for soft tissue retraction.
  • The mounting card per package allows easy counting.
  • Compressed configuration for easy insertion.

OMT Neuro Patties

L Series – Blue

Thickness – 0.45mm
Box Horizontal or Vertical Radiopaque Marker

V Series – Green

Thickness – 0.35mm
Box Vertical Radiopaque Marker

T Series – Orange

Thickness – 1.40mm
Box Horizontal Radiopaque Marker

Pocket Patties

OMT Neuro pocket Patties offer exceptional flexibility, compliance and unique pocket design that is not found in existing neurosurgical absorbable materials. The conical shape easily adapts to the surgical site and fits the conical style and characteristics of most silicone brain spatulas. This unique design allows for a soft and secure tissue retraction near critical structures.


  • Pocket to insert instrument.
  • Offers optimal visibility and excellent flexibility.
  • Compressed configuration for easy insertion.
  • Tapered shape that easily adapts to the surgical site.


Atraumatic surgical absorbent compresses in cylindrical form, for the control of hemorrhages and / or protection of delicate tissues and structures for surgery, as well as for the absorption and drying of body fluids that limit the vision of the surgical field during surgical procedures.


  • Cylinder
  • Offers optimal visibility
  • Available in 6 sizes, with or without Radio Opaque Marker:
    • SC-004 Spetzler SteriCyls 4mm x 4mm.
    • SC-006 Spetzler SteriCyls 6mm x 6mm.
    • SC-008 Spetzler SteriCyls 8mm x 8mm.
    • SC-012 OMT SteriCyls 12mm x 12mm.
    • SC-014 OMT SteriCyls 14mm x 14 mm.
    • SC-016 OMT SteriCyls 16mm x 16 mm.


It is a piece manufactured with German steel of superior category. With a smooth and precise cut, constructed with a light grip that offers comfort, reducing fatigue in your hand. It is ideal for cutting small segments of bone during all spinal procedures. The thin tip of the shaft allows the extraction of bone in narrow areas. With a variety of sizes and function, we have all the necessary configurations for your procedures.


  • Available in 7″, 9″ and 11″ shaft length.
  • SHAFT TIP ANGLE – 45° or 90°available.
  • THE “SWING-AWAY” HANDLE option has clip to release the top shaft for easy cleaning.
  • Made of German steel with fine finish, effective cutting.
  • Artistic, smooth and effective design.
  • Comfortable (does not cause fatigue).
  • Delicate to enter sensitive structures.
  • Ideal for cutting small bones.
  • Up or Down bite.

Our malleable suckers are characterized by being atraumatic and are designed to facilitate the absorption of fluids in surgical procedures providing malleability for greater absorption.


  • Combine all the integral characteristics of surgical suction devices.
  • It is an affordable and reliable product.
  • Round AMDs are available in three lengths and six diameters.
  • Flat AMDs are available in two lengths and three diameters.
  • Round tip with soft edges, for minimal trauma during use.
  • AMDS gives surgeons uncommon flexibility, control and visibility for optimal results in a sterile, single-use device.

The OMT Silicone Spatulas have been designed to make this type of tissue retraction as traumatic as possible. They can be used in innumerable procedures as an extension of the surgeon’s hands to aid in the management of delicate brain tissue during neurosurgical procedures.


  • Malleable.
  • Biocompatible.
  • Matte black non-reflective silicone.
  • Reusable can be sterilized and reused.
  • Sold in sets of four or individually, not sterile.

Forceps It is a stainless steel or plastic clamp, which helps to improve the surgical experiences in the use and strategic transfer of the patties (Neuro Patties, Pocket Patties and Steri Cyls) at the time of the procedure.


  • Made of high quality steel.
  • Ideal for minimally invasive procedures.
  • To move or position cotonoids or tissues.
  • To remove fabrics.
  • Atraumatic grip on vessels or tissues.
  • Accurate balance for sensitive procedures.

Surgical instrument that allows tissue dissection by the surgeon, by separating or crossing them. It usually has a curved tip, more or less angled, to separate the tissues, such as when opening a scissors, or to cross them bluntly when the instrument’s legs are closed.

Assist Device

Pattie tray

It is used as a support during the course of the operation, to separate the strings from the patties, allowing close proximity to the surgical site.


  • Allows identification and elimination of patties during surgery, significantly simplifying procedures during the operation by “easy handling”.
  •  Re-usable; easy sterilization

The Retractor Arms

The retractor arms function as assistants that extend at any desired angle, allowing the tray to be suspended in the operative area.


Our real passion lies in assisting our customers to implement and improve the technologies that can support and facilitate the treatment they provide in the operating room. These testimonials are from exceptional Neurosurgeons and Spine Specialists who had great results using our products.


«These excellent Neuro Patties are the only ones I use during surgery because they are thin, pliable and non-stick, and they provide excellent protection for the brain during dissection.»


When we used the evaluation samples of the Neuro Patties for the first time in our OR, we were really surprised of how good they are.
The Neuro Patties have great features: They are made of thin, tapered, non-sticky rayon and provide excellent protection for the neuronal structures.
It gave me a good feeling during the surgery, while i used the suction, to know that i had provided the best possible protection for the soft tissue.
We are very pleased with the Neuro Patties”.


“I have been using OMT SPETZLER’s Neuro Patties for over two years. I have found them particularly useful in microsurgical resection of cranium base tumor and lesions in the sellar region, their shape and various sizes adapt with ease to most confined regions. They are thin so they do not block microscopic visualization of small objectives.
In addition, I use them regularly for en Bloc resection of intraparenquimal tumors (Gliomas) as they become very practical in the demarcation or separation of healthy tissue from tumor…as surgery progresses the Neuro Patties do not adhere to brain tissue which facilitates homeostasis at the end of the case.”


“Having used other patties and then trying OMT Neuro Patties allows me to state that they are superior in various aspects: One of the most impressive and important is that while providing a firm and absorbent surface, they do not adhere to the surface of the brain and are easily removed, the other aspect is that under the microscope the fabric keeps together and there is no fuzz like with other cotton patties. The tapered patties are great during microsurgical procedures where a funnel surgical corridor is created and bulk avoided at the apex. I highly recommend their use during Microsurgical Procedures and Brain Tumor Resection.”


“6 years ago and after trying different options, the OMT Neuro Patties have become an obligatory input in my surgeries, for me, brain protection is a requirement of the first order, with the Neuro Patties achievement that OMT offers a wide variety of options in regards to its shape and thickness.

OMT, has developed the Precision Pocket Pattie, as an option to achieve safe displacement of the cottonoid within the operative field, increases visibility and allows compliance with the option of protection and aspiration within the Precision Pocket Pattie the cannula of aspiration is introduced”.


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